Travelling with loved ones

  • Travelling with loved ones

    Whether we like it or not, February is the month of love thanks to Valentine’s Day. Every shop is transformed with all things pink and red, and restaurants bring out their most expensive menus, just so you can impress the one you love. Some of us enjoy all this fuss, while others try to avoid it. A great compromise is doing something that we all love – travel! With all the great deals in February, you may as well take advantage and go for a romantic weekend away with your loved one. Travelling together will give you a unique opportunity to learn a few things about each other.


    Discover each other’s good and bad habits. The uninterrupted time together provides a great opportunity to learn about your partner’s unique habits and see how compatible they are with your own. If you have been together for some time, it will allow you to adjust to any habits that you are struggling to get used to within the rush of everyday life and perhaps even appreciate the ones you’ve missed out on!


    Our lives are filled with stress and we often snap at the ones we love the most. Travelling will help you relax with your partner and grow in patience. For newer relationships, travelling means less time for pretence and more time for realness. When your travels don’t run as smoothly as planned, you may just learn a thing or two about your new love’s patience, or lack thereof.


    The best part about travelling together is that it gives you the opportunity to let down your guard. This means you can learn more about each other or be reminded of each other’s passions – what makes you laugh or cry, excited or frightened. Discovering mutual interests, passions you share and any unique views on life you each may hold, will help you to grow closer and hopefully come home rejuvenated.

    As the wise Mark Twain once said, ‘There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.’