Take a work-cation!

  • Take a work-cation!

    Often work demands more of our time than the eight or so hours we spend in the office, so many of us end up working in our ‘off’ time. The advent of cellphones has meant that we are essentially available to our work at all times. Oftentimes, we work harder to earn more, so that we can buy more technology, technology that is supposed to make our lives easier and buy us more time in our personal lives. But with that same technology we only end up working harder. And the cycle continues.

    Our lives have become so fast-paced that we can often only dream of the holidays we want to take and the places we want to visit. We lose out on precious time with our family and friends, and consequently miss out on ‘living’. But don’t feel despondent. There is a creative way to overcome all this – it’s called a ‘work-cation’.

    The concept of a work-cation is relatively new, and it simply means that instead of taking time off from work to travel, you travel but work full days at your destination. So you get to see those longed-for exotic destinations, or take that holiday with your family and spend at least some time with them, without sacrificing leave days or your boss losing you for an extended period.

    Thanks to technology and our information economy, the concept or nature of work is changing. In many cases we can easily complete our tasks remotely, needing only a laptop and internet access. With proper planning, you could optimise your time away by making sure your trip includes a weekend or, even better, a long weekend, so you do get a rest in the middle without getting too far behind.

    This is a win-win situation for you and your company and is duly supported by research into the health benefits of travelling. The trend is growing in popularity, so you might want to slip an article on the work-cation onto your boss’s desk and start planting the seeds of understanding as to why it’s such a great idea.

    And before you say no to a family getaway these school holidays, or refuse your partner’s romantic proposal of taking advantage of a great package deal to his/her favourite beach destination, why not ask for a work-cation?

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