Home for the holidays: Travel connecting family and friends

  • Home for the holidays: Travel connecting family and friends

    In October 2015, ideaall Travel and Kulula partnered to bring families together over the Christmas period. Home for the Holidays gave followers and fans a chance to share their stories, and to potentially win the most precious gift of all – to spend time with their families over the holidays.

    One of our entrants was Constance Nell, not for herself, but for her granddaughters, so that they could see their dad. Her story reads as follows:

    “My two granddaughters would love to see their daddy for the December Holidays. Due to circumstances they are unable to go. Please help my girls reunite with their daddy. We will be ever thankful! <3.” – Constance Nell

    Constance’s entry was selected as a finalist and received enough votes to win return tickets for her granddaughters.

    The girls, 6 and 15, were thrilled to be reunited with their dad. And with a happy heart, their father Stephen shared his side of the story with us:

    “I only get to see my girls twice a year so when I was unable to bring them to Durban, due to financial constraints, I was extremely happy when my mother won the competition through ideaall Travel and Kulula to make this happen. The girls love every minute that they are here and had loads of fun. I must applaud you on the effort that you put in to make the visit possible. So much commitment is rarely seen and I appreciate it greatly. I was so happy to see my girls again – it was so good to be able to hug them. Thank you.”

    Home for the holidays winner

    We can tell from the photos that the girls enjoyed their time with dad, and loved exploring the beautiful city of Durban over the summer holidays. They shared the following with us after the trip:

    “We would like to thank ideaall Travel and Kulula for making our dream to see our dad come true. We had a lovely two-week holiday with Dad, Vanessa and Zoe the doggy :). It was lovely to see our dad again as we miss him so much. My little sister was out of her skin! So thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.”

    It is always rewarding to see travel connecting families and friends, and we feel honoured to have played a role in bringing Stephen’s two girls Home for the Holidays.

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