Five unique views around South Africa

  • Five unique views around South Africa

    South Africa is blessed with many scenic views and different types of landscapes. You just have to get out there and see them for yourself. The obvious go-to view in the Western Cape is of Table Mountain. From Signal Hill, you get a wonderful panoramic view of the majestic Tafelberg and the City Bowl below. That said, the view from Table Mountain itself (did you know the cable car is free if you travel on your birthday?*), towards Lion’s Head, is just as breath-taking.

    Table Mountain View

    Image courtesy of Cape Town Tourism: View from Table Mountain.

    Travelling upcountry, by far my favourite and, in my humble opinion, the most scenic is Mpumalanga and its surrounds. From the soaring Mac-Mac Falls to the Blyde River Canyon, this is the place to feast your eyes. Take a relaxing drive through the Long Tom Pass and spot the various flora and fauna that inhabit this stunning region. Visit the Bourke’s Luck Potholes and see the Three Rondavels, the three round mountaintops shaped like African huts at the northern end of the Drakensburg mountain range. There is so much for the whole family to see and do in this area!

    Blyde River Rondawels

    Photo courtesy of South African Tourism: Three Rondawels at Blyde River Canyon

    Knysna, in the Western Cape, is home to the Knysna Heads – rock formations that create a natural gateway to the Knysna lagoon and infamous due to the many boats and fishermen who have perished coming through the dangerous waters. Apart from ghost fishing boats that allegedly haunt the area, the headlands are mostly untouched and host forests of traditional Cape fynbos.

    Knysna Heads

    Photo: Knysna Heads, Garden Route

    More towards Cape Town, but still within the Western Cape, is Bloukrans Bridge. Besides the adrenaline (sign me up!) activities such as bridge-swinging and bungee-jumping, the view from here is outstanding. With the national road zooming just above and a deep canyon with fresh, clear water 216 metres below, it really is a sight to behold. Why not slip out of your comfort zone and into a zip-line harness while you’re there?

    Another firm favourite is the Tsitsikamma region in the Western and Eastern Cape – Storms River Mouth and the Storms River Bridge, the picturesque town of Storms River, as well as the Tsitsikamma National Park, are simply gorgeous. From snorkelling, walking and hiking to zip-line tree-top tours, this off-the-beaten-track area is great for adventure-hungry travellers.


    Photo: Tsitsikama and surrounds

    I’m planning my next getaway … are you?

    * Free cable-car journey is available to RSA ID book-holders only and your green barcoded ID book is requested as proof of it being your birthday.


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